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Apr 2 '14
vomex: Turkey

vomex: Turkey

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Mar 21 '14

Visionen - Verantwortung - Communities

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

21 March

Mar 12 '14
Mar 10 '14
Mar 7 '14

Mar 4 '14

the Fibonacci Thing.
A take from a generative audiovisual system based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Created using Max/MSP for the sound generation and Processing for the visuals.


Mar 3 '14
dvdp: 140302


Feb 26 '14

Another mesmerizing animation. Just wow.


Another mesmerizing animation. Just wow.

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Feb 22 '14


Feb 16 '14
Feb 8 '14
Feb 7 '14
vintageitalia: Walking

vintageitalia: Walking

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Feb 6 '14


Manfred Mohr’s Youtube Channel

A collection of videos featuring works by pioneering computer artist Manfred Mohr, many dating back to the early 70’s. Also includes interviews and lectures:

Manfred Mohr is considered a pioneer of digital art. After discovering Prof. Max Bense’s information aesthetics in the early 1960’s, Mohr’s artistic thinking was radically changed. Within a few years, his art transformed from abstract expressionism to computer generated algorithmic geometry. Encouraged by the computer music composer Pierre Barbaud whom he met in 1967, Mohr programmed his first computer drawings in 1969.

You can go to the Youtube channel here

Feb 5 '14
water-for-your-soul: - street art in berlin

water-for-your-soul: - street art in berlin

Feb 4 '14

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